Thursday, August 23, 2007

Somewhere out there, there^s something a little wrong about this...

...but this is undeniably cute eh?! I especially love the Light and L one hehe uber adorable!! And so authentic-looking too!

Anyway, hello ppl and this is oen of those sporadic updates I'd be talking about. I've made major headway in my separate projects though. Still in infancy, especially the travelogue, but I like the direction they're taking. The shopping blog is probably taking walking lessons, if we're going eto be keeping with the childhood development metaphor, but I've got a great many posts down for that. Still not even halfway of what I hoped to achieve with it but I like how I'm going and what I manage to post. Lol it feels like there's such a high turnover though that it outgrows itself before I've even reached into the far-reaches of my closet. Anyway, all that probably won't make sense unless you check it out... Also have a Sims2 (so far lol) photoblog to track my founders&1stgen. That one's purely for fun and to have something to track my indulging in taking creative and "good" in-game shots!

Till next sporadic bout!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Most definitely autumn

I know I just had my Easter break but I can't wait for the weekend. I'm sooooo tired. And the break was way too short. I had my (tiring-&-body-clock-screwing) week away but I think another week would so make a difference.

In other news, the amazing Mr. BR has hung up his keyboard, in a manner of speaking, and the oh-so-fabulous Brunei Resources is now defunct. Where will I go for pearls of Brunei wisdom~ Much kudos to Mr. BR and thanks for all the posts ^_^ Appreciated your efforts uber-muchly and the blog was a daily read once I discovered it!

Oh, and the separate blog projects are well underway. Damn packed is this year for me so chances are I'm going to have more reason to update those (content-wise) rather than this one. Well, more in terms of ep reviews anyway. Or if I do, probably won't be as comprehensive (or as screenie-laden!;p). Might still have periodic updates on the at-my-leisure sort of stuff that interest me and the occasional non-shopping-etc related rants;)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catching my breath

Sooo... Coming back to this blog after so so long feels like I must have fallen off the face of blogplanet rantworld or something lol. I've been busy (yes *shock*horror* even too busy to spare a musing here and there) and it feels like I haven't had a breather in a while. Uber glad for Easter, which is just around the block and I guess squeezing this entry in is to help make me feel like, yeah, of course I can pause a little and just catch a breather...

What's been up circa 2007?...

1. Finished a full run and a 2week run so that's Psych and Public Health 2 notches on my 5th-yr-of-med-school belt;) Currently have a week of Addiction Med to my name and a much awaited break smack in the middle of the 2wk run. Ahh well, all the more time to prep and ace the assessmts let's hope!

2. I...(this is huge!)...joined the gym! Ta-dah~ hehe yeah, yeah all you veteran gymbunnies must be all wth? in your blase-ness but if you know me well enough, you must know that I am so beyond ever being a gymmer it's not even funny. But I've decided I wanna be fitter and the gym is right next door... So far, it's awesome. Lol, i think I'm addicted. Been going everyday and I totally credit the classes for it. They are awesome and an abfab fun way to work out without realising you are (esp the dance class)! I'm awful at motivating myself and that's why I've failed to be much of a gym-goer in the past but this is really working out great for me. Plus it's frickin right next door! The other reason I joined is I wanted something to fill my time... (goes on to my next 2007 milestone)

3. stop me from shopping at my roadrunner/Speedy Gonzales (take your pick) rate. I've made great attempts at being fiscally smart and turning over a financial leaf this year and stop spending so much. I've done what I oughta have come to a realization I should have reached earlier i.e. open a separate savings a/c totally separate from my existing not-really-effective-for-me (myriad of reasons I'm too lazy to get into) savings a/c - it's amazing that I even need a second one, go figure - and it's been working, slowly but surely. (Really making an effort to not dip in and let the cash pile up and my new a/c, new rules policy is so far working out okay)

B U T ... (you saw it coming eh...good/bad - however you look at it;) heheh)

...once a shopaholic, ALWAYS a freaking shopaholic, and *that*, ladies and gents, is a fact of life=p It probably seems like the equivalent of trying to justify a ginormous ecological footprint with purchasing a ginormous forest reserve or something but since it's something I can't seem to have much willpower in dealing with, I'm just going to try and not go *too* overboard and just enjoy a woman's calling in life;) I've opted to write a separate sister blog to convince myself I have enough stuff to last me my lifetime and gripe about the irresistible force that is shopping...heh, it's all in fun really;) So with my schedule as it is, I'll probably be updating that blog more than this for a while but hey, u never know... But if I'm suddenly all verbose again, just give me a little nudge - I should probably be going back to studying my ass off;)

See you in sporadic (if there's hope for my academic success!=p) updates!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

And helloooo there!

Breaking news. Apparently, Israelis have gone and atacked the Muslim holy place of Al-Aqsa. I don't know all the details but what is their deal??! Are they trying to start a fricking jihad?! Can't stress it enough: World Peace is the way to go.

Anyways, here I am back in the land where flocks of whitewoollyfluffy creatures known as le sheep vastly outnumber the humans but, granted, have an internet connection to actually speak of. To more vents and ramblings in the new year -- Happy 2007 everyone!

PS Anna Nicole died... Whoaaa. But hey, I guess you could kinda see it coming. Then again, she might be laughing at the world from Cabo or something! Then again, nah...

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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Photo credited to National Geographic

I'm in the middle of an activity that exasperates me to no end. I might have mentioned before: it is the bane of my young life. It is packing. This is the less cumbersome version (cumbersome = packing to move house *quel horreur!!!!*) but still gets me pretty stressed. Mostly because I'm horrible with limits. Lol so that's why now I'm stressing about whether to take out more stuff...or maybe pack more stuff in? Aghhh I wish we could teleport (the eternal dream=D)! Then it wouldn't be a hassle at all=D

Anyway, there is of course the awesome side to having to pack (it's unbelievable, I know, but there is one...) - it means that I'm packing for a reason and tonight's reason is because it's in preparation for my flight back home tomorrow morning early as! Can't wait! I can suffer now and sleep on the plane, right?;D

Seeing as I'll be going home and thereby removing from my daily routine the endless languid hours of sitting in front of my laptop with broadband at my disposal in favour of replacing it with the joyous activity that involves catching up with my near and dears, I won't be able to post as often and at best, probably sporadically - if at all hehe. No reviews or the like until I get back or have free time on my hands so don't be surprised if it's Lost 2 and suddenly Lost 23-24 or something!

I've got 3 months of good times on my hands and I'll be sure to make the most of it! Take care peeps, thanks for the drop-bys and see ya 2007=D

Quick bit of thought-sharing...

Last night was talking to some friends way into the wee hours of the morning about everything under the sun. Lol and somehow, it drifted to marriage and it's prospects. Anyhow, we talked about how the long traditions can be quite cumbersome and it would be nice to just keep it simple with the akad nikah and maybe a small bersanding session and a reception - all preferably in one go=p After all, in Islam, all the trappings are unnecessary, right? Getting married in a masjid, one simple ceremony...not bad huh? But then we considered how in Brunei, there's that 'keeping up with the Joneses' going on full-force. And thus, there are people who would talk.Even if one didn't care for their opinions about what is essentially none of their personal business, it wouldn't be nice to have such whispers reflected on the family. But mostly, the other side of the coin was that it would be a shame to have the Bruneian traditional culture and ceremonies disintegrate with time, no?

So keep it humble and 'sederhana' or go all out? It seems that to carry out night after night of various ceremonies would really have no other outcome other than leaving one with a considerably lighter pocket;) Just some thoughts. And heh, don't ask me how we got to talking about getting hitched - err, it baffles me too?=p

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 04: "Like It Was"

DH 4 right at your fingertips mouseclick

What have the housewives been up to? Well, following on from last episode, Edie was the first to witness Mike waking up from his 6-month coma. She is surprised to see him all responsive and rushes out to let the medical staff know of this development. Wisteria Lane is not immune to the powers of the grapevine, and pretty soon, Mike having woken up is the hottest piece of news being spread around the mouths of the neighbourhood. Susan, however, is still holed up in the mountains playing honeymoon with Ian and doesn't catch wind of all the furore surrounding her Mike because of the bad reception at Ian's place. As Edie is tending to Mike, she realises that he has retrograde amnesia following the accident. His memory of the past 2 years are missing! She doesn't waste any time in filling in the blanks to her own liking, badmouthing Susan off to Mike. She paints a nasty, trampy, stalker-y picture of Susan and insists to him that they were never in love. Finally, Julie manages to reach Susan and amidst the static, manages to convey the message. Susan is beyond shocked and starts to feel awful and guilty about not being there when Mike woke up because, of all things, she was canoodling with Ian in the mountains! Upset, she gets Ian to hurry up and get her to the hospital. When they arrive, she tells him that they never should have happened. Ian says to not say that because she's the best thing to have happened to him in a long time. She regrets not being able to return his feelings and rushes into the hospital to see Mike. She finds out that Mike doesn't remember her, shocked to be the recipient of his frostiness. He basically tells her not to bother coming back at all. A stunned Susan acquiesces and leaves. Edie watches her go with a malicious smile on her face before entering Mike's room.

Lynette is trying to teach Parker (I think he's so adorable!=D) to not be a quitter by forcing him to continue playing baseball, even though he sucks and no one appreciates his participation. While watching the game, she notes the kick-ass pitcher and later bribes the young boy with a $50 to make Parker look good! When Parker finally hits the slow-ball, it ends up soaring towards the pitcher to knock him on the head! While tending to him, his parents discover the $50 in his pocket and he points the finger at Lynette! Uh-oh... Parker gets thrown off the team but, unfortunately for Lynette, now has a renewed enthusiasm for baseball! So she bribes the coach to squeeze in just one more game and he'll suck and then he can be off the team. But to Lynette and Tom's dismay, he hits the ball! And starts running round the pitch with people cheering. They groan, realising he's not about to abandon baseball now! Until Parker falls down, hurting his ankle, providing them with a loophole. So, as it is, Parker can't play because of his 'hurt ankle';) Among other developments, Tom had taken Lynette's remarks about not being a quitter personally, especially with her dangling an ad job offer constantly in front of him. He questions her decision to support his dream. (Spoiler: I hear he wants to open a pizzeria! And Lynette is going to be co-owner so she'll be quitting the office!)

Carlos and Gaby are still haggling out their imminent divorce. Gaby has a garage sale featuring Carlos' things ("Oh, the gloves aren't just off...(yells this part to the customers) they're 70% off!"). It's a tactic to get Carlos to pay the alimony she requested. He returns later to say that he has agreed to pay her the alimony she requested, but because of that, he was forced to give up his small apartment. And that means that he has to move back in with her, as he is well within his rights! They have a little war booming in their house with each doing spiteful gestures to the other. One day, Carlos returns home to find that Gaby has changed the locks. He breaks in to the house so Gaby decides to make trouble for him by calling the cops. The cops are disgusted to learn it's just a couple's quarrel. Things backfire for Gaby as it turns out that one cop is fresh of a divorce of his own and takes Carlos' side. A slap to the arm ends up getting Gaby handcuffed and bought to the station as Carlos looks on with a smug expression. Later, Carlos comes to post bail and pick Gaby up. She is less than pleased to see him. In the car, Carlos urges her to drop the bitterness and for them to just say what they really feel. Because they both know they're going to get back together anyway. Gaby scoffs at this statement. Carlos decides to get the ball rolling by offering his confession: He still loves Gaby. Gaby tells him she doesn't love him and hasn't - not for a long time. He ignores this, saying she's just saying it to hurt him. She retorts by smugly saying that if she wanted to hurt him, she'd tell him about her dirty weekend with one John Roland. This prompts Carlos to stop the car and drag Gaby out of it to dump her in the dirt. She objects and huffs after him but stops in her tracks when she notices the murderous look on Carlos' face. Later we see her looking despondent as she tells her divorce lawyer that Carlos can keep the photo albums as they hold no sentimental value for her. Aww...

Bree is trying to play happy families, what with Andrew's return and all. They concoct an alibi, saying Andrew has been at a prestigious drama camp. Attending Danielle's history fair, an older man makes eyes at Andrew and it turns out the seemingly respectable doctor is one of Andrew's clients when he was trying to survive on the streets! Orson discovers this and, fulfilling his desire to not have any secrets between him and Bree, lets her know when she asks what they were talking about. Bree is shocked, but more so by the seemingly respectable very married doctor! She asks Gaby and Lynette about their positions on letting the wife know that he husband has been unfaithful. Gaby advises her to not tell the wife because the messenger always ends up being the victim of the wife's resentment. I liked the bit Gaby said when Lynette says, "So if Tom was cheating, you wouldn't tell me?" "No, but I would hire someone to beat the crap out of him ^_^" Despite this, Bree goes on to tell the woman in question because if it happened to her, she would want to know. Unfortunately, the wife, who always had her suspicions, resents Bree giving her an unwelcome, vivid image of her husband's infidelity. She retaliates with sharing a tid-bit of her own: It's common knowledge that Danielle is sleeping with her history teacher, Mr. Falati! Bree confronts Danielle but Danielle angrily slams the front door on her as she leaves the house, saying that they love each other and Bree couldn't break them up. Andrew goes to sit next to his mom on the stairs. She tells him she's sick of feeling like the worst mother in the world. She's tried so hard to teach them right from wrong, where had she gone wrong? Andrew sagely tells her that they do know right from wrong, they just choose 'wrong' because "Sometimes when you push a kid so hard to go one way, the other way starts to look more entertaining"they do know right from wrong, they just choose 'wrong' because "Sometimes when you push a kid so hard to go one way, the other way starts to look more entertaining". I really like the Bree-Andrew moment. Heart-wrenching. Bree puts her arm around Andrew and they have a moment as she tells him that if he ever wanted to talk about what happened while he was on the streets, there's nothing he couldn't tell her. Andrew looks tearful as he says he's not ready yet.

"We all have our reasons for rewriting history. Sometimes we need to provide ourselves alibis. Sometimes we want to hurt someone who has hurt us. And then there are times we just want to spare ourselves embarrassment. Of course, there are some who feel that to rewrite history is just another way to lie. But what is history anyway...but a set of lies agreed upon?"

Reminds me of what I was talking about in this post of history being what mass perception understands it to be, rather than being 100% honest truth because, after all, how would we know? Anyway, catch next DH ep, Ep 05: "Nice She Ain't"

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 03:
"A Weekend In The Country"

Get caught up~

The housewives are on holiday this week! Bree is off to Bermuda on her honeymoon with Orson. Lynette and Gaby are off at a spa vacation somewhere awesome. And Susan is spending some time with Ian at his getaway house in the country. Everything is going along swimmingly until, of course, interruptions occur.

While waiting for Orson to get his latte, Bree spies a familiar face on a TV special about homeless children - none other than Andrew! He looks battered! When Orson returns, Bree dashes his honeymoon dreams by ending it before they even left the terminal lol. She tries to find Andrew and finally manages to locate him but he runs away from her, saying that he's not her son anymore - he's somebody else now. Bree is distraught and Orson is concerned and worried about her. So he takes it upon himself to look up Andrew. He finds him on the streets and cinches a meeting with the teen by offering him money and lunch. Andrew soon realises, however, that this is his mom's new man. As he had informed Bree earlier, he found out about her marriage via the newspaper. Orson explains that he cares about Andrew because Bree cares about Andrew. And the rage? He knows a thing or two about that and his advice is to let it go. How long does Andrew want to keep punishing Bree? Till he's infected and drug-addicted on the streets? He advises Andrew to come home. Hmm... I have to say, Orson seems to genuinely care for Bree. Doesn't appear to have any ulterior motives so far... I guess Mike is the only clue to his past.

Moving on to the other girls, Susan and Ian accidentally unpack the other's bags and are both equally wide-eyed to discover that (a) Ian's got plenty of condoms and (b) Susan's brought along a sexy little satin slip. With that awkward discovery, both realise that the other is interested in a little intimacy. They get cozy by the fireplace when the conversation turns to Ian having had Jane as his one and only lover, ergo making Susan his potential 2nd. Susan says it's nothing to be nervous about; some have plenty of lovers, some don't, no big deal. Seeing as she had expressed her views in such a way, a curious Ian enquired not so discreetly about her past lovers. And messes things up even further when he asks her her age! Susan stomped off to bed in a huff. Ian comes up to apologize and they make up. But just as they start warming up to each other, Ian makes a blunder by telling a touchy Susan that he's as capable of having meaningless sex as she was! Tact out out the window *tsk*tsk* So again, she humphs and shoos him out of the room. Later, she hears the strains of a melody Ian is playing on the piano. She comes down and sits next to him on the bench. As he motions to apologize, she shushes him and motions for him to continue playing the melody. And this leads to a kiss and towards the end of the ep, we realise they had been intimate.

Lynette is enjoying a promising start to a promising weekend away when Tom calls up Gaby's cellphone, much to Lynette's chagrin, and pleads with her to come pick him and the kids up from their campsite - he'd thrown out his back again. Lynette finally decides to go, albeit resentfully. As she loads up the car, guess who shows up wanting a free ride? Yup, Nora! When Lynette tries to convince her that the both of them going would be pointless, Nora insists that she isn't going to look like the uncaring mom as Supermom-Lynette zooms to the rescue. Nora drives Lynette crazy in the car as she messes it up, scares Lynette with a grab of the steering wheel and then proceeding to insist that Lynette pull over so she can hitch-hike when Lynette makes a not-so-nice comment about her. Things are back at square one, however, as Lynette spies Nora sitting by the side of the road and is forced to get her back in the car. The two women have a mini-makeup session and Nora bemoans the fact that Lynette is Supermom and she's...not. When the topic turns to Tom, Lynette is obviously surprised to discover that Tom has mentioned to Nora, and not her, that he hates advertising. Nora rather astutely remarks that perhaps he was too scared to tell her because she'd been after him to get a job and that she was the sort of person who would let someone kill themselves. Picking the boys up, Lynette tries to be more approachable, encouraging Tom to open up to her. She says that if he's finding it difficult to get a job in the ad game, why not try a hand at something else he's always wanted to do? Whyyy do I get the feeling he wants to be a fricking clown or something?=p

With Lynette gone, Gaby is left alone with a day left to their little weekend away. A lonely glammed-up Gaby bumps into a familiar face - John the gardener! He's all dressed up, mature and successful now. Gaby comes on to him and they end up in bed together. She is enjoying 'Rich John' when suddenly Rich John gets a call on his cell. It's his fiancee, the daughter of the owner of the hotel! Gaby has to get out of there because if his fiancee sees her, he'll be screwed! She huffs but complies. His fiancee enters and there are nervous moments when she explores the hotel room. Finally, he manages to cart out the luggage (with Gaby in it!) under the guise of getting the 'stuck zipper' fixed. As the lift doors are about to close, however, his fiancee comes after him, enquiring suspiciously about a gold watch she discovered in the hotel room. He lies and says that that's what she gets for surprising him - he wasn't able to wrap his gift in time! She is thrilled and drags him with her. The lift doors close leaving Gaby-in-a-luggage-bag alone! Until... a couple enters the lift! Hehe, it was so funny, their incredulous expressions, as they listened to the luggage 'talk'. And even more eyebrow-raising was when Gaby poked her fingers through the zipper and managed ot unzip the bag and get herself out. She tries to maintain a semblance of dignity and leaves with a parting punchline that she had saved herself a bundle on airfare. Priceless XD

Sparks are a-sparking between Julie and Austin! As she blows a fuse courtesy of her high-powered science project, he comes to help her figure out how to get the lights back on. I bet that little closet felt a thousand degrees hotter as Austin trapped you between his body and the fusebox, eh Julie?;) Edie shows up, looking for the CD player she lent Susan before their falling out, and it's kinda hard to ignore the sparks between Julie and Austin, especially for an experienced good-girl-gone-bad like Edie. She imparts some wisdom: stay away from her nephew. She recognises Julie's defiant denial of any attraction as the words of a good girl before she turns bad. At the hospital, Edie is in Mike's room, picking up the CD player Julie had mentioned was there. She makes small talk with the still-comatose Mike and in a total Edie moment, steals a peek at Mike's crown jewels! Lol... Climax was when she turned around towards Mike as she was leaving the room and guess what... Mike's eyes are open and he's blinking. *shock all around*

Till next ep! Ep 04: "Like It Was"

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